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Dan was exceptional in stepping us through our planning and install. The system was designed to meet and exceed our needs should we want to upgrade our system in the future. We truly enjoyed the ability to let Dan provide all the knowledge and details as well as letting us know any areas he had concerns with prior to our final product. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. /The Gerky Journey

Dan is a one of a kind ! We had specked out a solar system and arranged with a 40 year veteran professional electrician for install. When we met Dan 2 days prior to install, he looked quickly at parts chosen and immediately recommended a superior system (800w) with right controller for the same price as 500w with the wrong controller! To help the electrician (!) Dan provided a new spec sheet and drawing and we reordered all the parts through Dan. During installation, Dan was always available when needed for professional consultation. When the job was done, the electrical system did not function at all correctly. The Electrician was puzzled and could not rectify the problem. He was ready to quit and suddenly Dan was on the scene to troubleshoot. He jumped into high energy (his normal state) and helped the electrician work step by step through the whole rig. Again the electrician was stuck. Through Dans’ tenacity and amazing knowledge of RV solar systems (and electrical issues in general) he eventually found a ground fault and wiring problem that the electrician and even others could not find. If you are looking for a RV solar consultant/designer with state of the art knowledge, an encyclopedic electrical brain and the most honest and helpful gentleman do not look any further than Dan Heming. Period !!- Steven Ross

From conception to completion, there has been no other individual as thorough and knowledgeable as Dan for solar consults. He listens carefully to your wants and needs, strategizes through the layout of your RV for the most advantageous installation and assists you in creating the most efficient solar system for your personal living situation. Not only extremely knowledgeable, Dan explains things in a way anyone can easily understand and follow. He has been with us every step of the way and has been accessible from start to finish. I can assure you, Dan is one of the best investments you can make for your project. We could not be happier with his service. /MP

Dan is extremely knowledgeable on solar and RV operations. He has assisted me with several question and projects, the latest was my solar upgrade project. Dan reviewed my current system, recommended parts and design, assisted with vendor relationships, and implemented the solar upgrade. I have a HOST Truck Camper. My system was 510 watts (3 170 Zamp panels), 4 lithium 120-amp hour batteries and 100/50 Victron charger. I have had this system for 18 months, and 9 months of the year, it was sufficient. Yet, during the 2-3 months of winter, in the SW, I experienced several days a week I was not getting to 100% charge. Essentially, I did not have enough solar for charging my batteries in the lower sun, short days of winter. Dan was excellent to work with. He can explain and describe what is needed and options to find resolution very well. I highly recommend Dan for solar consulting services. I am so grateful for his knowledge, experience, and skills. THANK YOU! I am so excited about my upgrade. /Wendy

Where to start?! I’m the poster child of how NOT to do solar. Two years ago I hired a supposed qualified solar consultant and 3 major repairs (and thousands of $$$) later I still had no power. Not solar, generator, or even reliable power when plugged in! Then I met Dan Heming. I’d heard good things about him but he far surpassed his reputation. He tackled my plagued system with superior knowledge, patience, and perseverance. He was meticulous and reworked every inch of my system seeking out all the gremlins that had followed me for the past 18 months. I was seriously ready to sell my RV for whatever I could get and give up on my dreams of traveling and living off-grid. Did I mention Dan has the heart of a teacher? He patiently taught me about my system. Now I’m living my dream. I’m forever grateful for the skills and passion Dan has for helping others attain their dreams of living well on solar energy. /LaRita

Simply put, Dan is amazing! Not only are his consulting fees reasonable, but he goes the extra mile for you. He helped me get to the bottom of the issues I was experiencing with my system and was extremely thorough and helpful. He didn’t stop until we were able to figure out all the issues and get it set up properly. He also made sure I understood how things worked and how my system is configured. I can’t say enough about RV Solar Consulting- thanks Dan! /Paul Johnson

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