Viki only had a 95W portable solar panel but two good lithium batteries…

Now she has an 870W system with a Victron 3000W smart inverter/charger, two Valence lithium batteries. Her system can easily handle another one or two lithium batteries which she will upgrade in the future.

Solar Installation

I purchased two lithium batteries last year and I had a 300W inverter to charge my laptops with it. I still needed to run my generator every day for more energy-consuming devices like the toaster or the coffee maker. I only had a 95W portable panel. My energy consumption is low but I was so ready for a good solar system not to ever worry about having power. Dan told me the equipment I will need, I decided by getting two huge 435W panels, which I needed a rack for. After the system has been successfully installed, I never have to think of electricity anymore. I get to 75% during the night, but the panels charge up my batteries by 11 AM usually in sunny Arizona. I love my new system, thank you Dan for your knowledge and help. /SmallRVlifestyle

The Process