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Solar Dan

I started my full-time RV’ing adventure in Aug 2017. Prior to RV’ing, I had traveled all over the US by motorcycles on a week or two vacation once or twice a year, but I was hooked on traveling and wanted to do it full time, yet we still needed to work. I had already been working remotely so it was an easy transition to the full-time RV lifestyle.

The solar on my first RV was a pretty modest system with 800w of solar on the roof, a 200w ground deploy, a 2k Watt Go power inverter and 6 6v lead-acid batteries. I even managed to run a residential fridge off this setup after our RV fridge died. My current RV system is 3015W of solar (9 335W residential panels) on the roof, dual Victron 24v/3000W inverters, and 8 lithium batteries. I designed it to be capable of running a 15kw rooftop A/C all day and still charge fully in the summer. It’s an amazing system.

Dan at Crater Lake

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