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    Personalized RV Solar Energy Consultation

    Solar power is not only an investment in your RV, but an investment in your lifestyle you want to live in your RV. If you have a well-designed and properly installed solar and battery system in your RV that meets your electrical needs, you are no longer limited to stay in RV parks or require electric hookups. You can enjoy off-grid life without giving up all your electrical luxuries you enjoy. If you like boondocking in secluded spots and prefer not to have to listen to a generator, you will need to make sure that you are equipped with your own sun-generated power to keep your life more comfortable and enjoyable.

    I have been a full-time RV’er for years. I prefer boondocking in amazing places instead of being crammed into crowded RV parks just to have electrical hookups and therefore I needed the perfect solar system to support my needs and desires.

    My 30′ 5th wheel RV now has over 3000W of solar power and 14.6 kwh of lithium batteries. Although I try to chase the good weather, my goal was to be able to run my AC all day in the summer if needed without a generator and I have accomplished that. I can sustain multiple high draw electrical draw devices in our RV at any given time which allows me to live off grid almost like I am plugged in.


    My Services

    Solar Consulting & Equipment Choice

    Listening to your needs and helping you figure out what your solar needs are and then designing your perfect system and creating your personalized shopping list.

    Confirming a System You’ve Designed

    Point out design elements you may not be happy with or choices in products that may not meet your needs.

    Phone Support & Service

    Ongoing support via phone or video chat throughout your project off-site or onsite if we are in the same area.

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